The underlying goal of the 21st Century Skills Map is to focus on REAL WORLD TASKS. It is important to identify for students the real-life, real-world functions where students can use their foreign language skills. When these "language tasks" or "functions" can be connected to jobs performed in the real-world, students are motivated to continue foreign language study.

So here we go . . . The following is a list of vocabulary themes common to a first year language course together with related core subjects and possible job tasks. Our challenge is to create Performance Based Assessments that might "mimic" real-world job tasks.

At the NOVICE LEVEL - Students could learn and practice common "rote" phrases associated with one of the job tasks. These could be done in a PRESENTATIONAL MODE (i.e., a skit, a brochure, an advertisement, etc.) or in an INTERPERSONAL MODE (unscripted conversation with a task-based prompt such as role-play). Realia could be used for INTERPRETIVE MODE activities that measure listening or reading comprehension. Take each category and brainstorm some real-world activities that incorporate the given vocabulary topic.

At the INTERMEDIATE and PRE-ADVANCED LEVELS students should be tasked with more difficult tasks and scenarios that require them to use their vocabulary and acquired grammar to "Create Language," use a variety of time-frames, and begin to handle a complication or unexpected situation.

Vocabulary Topic
Related Core Subject
Related Job Tasks
Social Studies-Cultures
Customer Service/ Legal Clients/ Medical Patients/ Public Relations & Service / Hotel & Restaurant Managment
Commerce/ Banking/ Accounting/ Clerical/ Medical/Restaurant-Hotel Management / Legal/LawEnforcement
Physical/Personality Descriptions of self, others
Language Arts
Law Enforcement/ Social Work/ Medicine / Legal
Language Arts/Math
Retail Sales / Commerce / Social Work / Medicine
Sports/Hobbies/Leisure activities
Physical Education
Physical Therapy / Sports Training/ Coaching / Business / Travel Industry / Retail Sales / Advertising
School/Classes/School subjects
House/Rooms/Furniture/Household tasks

Sales/ Real Estate/ Construction Trades/ Janitorial Services
City/Names of Stores and Places/Directions
Social Studies
Retail Sales/ Public Service/ Construction/ Law Enforcement
Retail Sales / Fashion & Advertising
Foods/Healthy Diets/Exercise
Restaurant / Medicine/ Dieticians / Sports Trainers/Retail Sales
Daily Routines/Body Parts/Basic Health
Medical / Pharmacist / Sports Training/Retail Sales & Marketing
Social Studies
Hotel & Restaurant Management / Retail Sales & Advertising / Travel/Party Planning
Social Studies
Hotel & Restaurant Management / Retail Sales / Travel Industry